July 30, 2019

Tales from the dating world

A girl once told me we weren’t a good match because I had a dishwasher.

She only had two items for everything and hand washed them, because she said she wasn’t after things money can buy and easy living, or something like that.

Apparently me having a dishwasher made me a guy with all the toys and things, and everything nice and shining. A guy who is wasting money and resources.

Even though I don’t even own my dishwasher. My landlord bought it, paid for installing it, and my rent wasn’t even changed.

I also have a small kitchen and only one sink, so hand washing was hard, and also wasted a lot of water and washing agent. As outcome of that dirty dishes piled up my draining board often.

Oh, well. I don’t think we were a good match, but the dishwasher didn’t really have anything to do with it.