July 28, 2019

My holidays are almost over

I have one week left of my summer holidays now. I had this much free time last time last summer; and at the same time, I had no free time at all to spare. Most items on my todo list were already there last summer. That’s the life of a small business owner.

This year and this holiday was a lot better anyway. I managed to find outside help. I also finished a lot of tasks on my todo list related to easier outsourcing. My focus was on tasks which made outsourcing easier, eg. I published the NorJS development documentation.

I have also decided that I will left Tinder for at least half a year – until next holidays at least. I will do that once my holidays are over in a week. I already left some other dating sites.

I find dating sites distressing. Mostly because profiles there are not a good place to express yourself correctly, and also the text based discussion platform is terrible.

This is why I launched this website today. However, I think now, it’s going to be more like a personal website than a dating profile anyway.